Wholesale prices of top quality finest shell tiles collection. We promote top mosaic design of shell tiles to provide elegant and refreshing environment in your home. We also let our costumers design their own style of shell tiles to have a uniqueness in their scent of stylish life from the shapes, type of shells to be used, sizes of the shell tiles and last but not the least the backing of the shell tiles to have a perfect attachment of the shell tiles in your walls, kitchen, bathroom, living room and many more.

If you want to buy or inquire us about our new top designs of shell tiles mosaic just email us: sales@shelltile.com

3d Bamboo Design Shell Tiles Collection

Shell Tiles Collection

This popular design of Shell Tiles known as 3d-Bamboo Design are one of the hottest design used…

Blacklip Tahiti Shell Tiles Collection


Blacklip Tahiti Shell Tiles used for walling decorations in familiar places like kitchen tile, bathroom tile and living room…

Blacktab and Youngtab Shell Tiles Collection


Blacktab shell and Youngtab Shell are beautiful combinations used as a shell tile for walling cover decorations in such place like…

Philippines Kabebe Shell Tiles Collection


Kabebe Shell an  abundant shell, most commonly used as kabebe shell tile used for walling decorations in such places like…

Mother of Pearl Shell Tiles Collection


Mother of Pearl Shell Tiles well known as “MOP Shell Tile” and its scientific name is “PINCTA DA MAXIMA” from its abundant shell, most commonly used as…

Natural Abalone Shell Tiles Collection


Precious Abalone shell from Philippines seas and made into artistic tile design called the Shell Tile. With combination of marble and sea shells on…



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